Meet The PhD Committee

team man


Ernest Lim 1


Ernest is a Molecular Biologist who has a long-standing interest in genetics and translational research. Over the course of his Masters, he has gained insights on how mouse models can be used to answer research questions, specifically to investigate the efficacy of antisense therapeutics as well as the pharmacokinetic properties of these drugs. As a PhD student at the Section for Functional Genomics, he is now using mouse models for cancer to search for potential anticancer targets.

Felix Kummerer 1

FELIX Kümmerer

Felix is interested in the structure and dynamics of biomolecules, such as proteins and RNA. Having a strong experimental background, he is now developing computational methods to integrate biophysical experiments and molecular simulations. In this way, he can get the most information out of both experiments and simulations in order to understand the dynamics of biomolecules and their underlying mechanisms. He’s also interested in membrane proteins, in particular, those ones that transport other molecules through the membrane.

Gerard Arrey 1


Gerard is interested in a particular chromosomic structural mutation in the eukaryotic DNA: circular DNAs. These appear randomly in the genome as a consequence of DNA damage and may contain transcriptionally active genes. He studies their role during aging and evolution of genomes.

Marek Prachar


Marek is passionate about structural bioinformatics, environmentalism, travelling and illustration and animation. In his PhD Project he is focusing on interaction of Major Histocompatibility Complex with peptides leading to possible activation of an immune response in context of machine learning based on complex-stability assays. Furthermore, we aim to find out whether it is possible to incorporate 3D structural modelling into this research design. 

Meriel Bittner


Meriel is passionate about microbial oceanography and marine biogeochemical cycles. Her current research focus is on vitamins in the coastal ocean. She is also involved in science communication and editor of the EGU Ocean Sciences blog.

Romain Lefevre 1


Romain’s research project focuses on animal communication and investigates how variations in vocal signals can convey different kind of emotional information. He is also a computer science enthusiast and an amateur musician.

Sarah Camara 1


Sarah is a PhD student at the section of Microbiology. She’d describe herself as a MGE and CRISPR-Cas enthusiast. Her main interest lays in unravelling the fascinating interactions between bacteria and their genetic invaders, specifically regarding defence and anti-defence!